Raid Euphoria! [Dragonspine Trophy] awarded to Danotte

Since I first started raiding Gruul’s earlier this year, I kept hearing about this awesome trinket: Dragonspine Trophy.  It drops off Gruul the Dragonkiller.  I saw it on Cheeky’s spreadsheet doing research about raiding as a hunter.  (side note:  Geez Cheeky… that’s an uber spreadsheet and I am not worthy! lol) Along the way I never saw it until I joined Eonar Refugees.  The first time I saw it drop, I gasped in disbelief.  o.O  OMG it really does drop!  One of our GMs and awesome bear tank, Adrastea, won the roll.  Even though I didn’t win the roll I was very happy to see a guildie get it.  And anything that benefits a  main tank is all good.  The next time I saw it drop, a guildie hunter won it.  Woot!  I was happy another guildie won it (especially a hunter).  And of course, I was thinking this thing drops more than all the web sites say.  Awesome!  The next few times it didn’t drop and then I realized… it’s time to stop thinking about it and just clean up my shot macro.   And now about a month after I saw it drop last…. Danotte won the roll with a sweet 96!  Needless to say I held back the urge to scream into vent: woo hoo!!!  I did dance around a little without pulling out my headset and screamed out loud enough that everyone in my house thought I was having a heart attack.  Heh heh!  People in the raid were throwing gratz at me left and right and Adra knew I was just going crazy with happiness.  After I composed myself I did get back on vent and thanked everyone. Then I thought to myself… this is euphoria. 

Playing Wow with a great bunch of people and achieving a goal with a team of 25 people.  It’s nice to get loot… ok, really nice, but it always feels good to see the raid to the end.  Nearly all the loot that dropped went to guildies which is awesome and of course we are always happy to see that.  But underneath all that good stuff… it felt so good to win at a tough fight. 

I went out to the Isle of Quel ‘danas to run some dailies with it and see how my dps fares.  Of course, it’s not a good test, but I did observe a few things:

  • 1-It does proc alot…seemed to be every few minutes or less;
  • 2-Things were dying faster;
  • 3-I like the fact that if someone inspects me, they don’t see a blue trinket in that slot. 

So this is one happy hunter!  Yippee! I want to give big shouts to the pugs who joined us too.  Everyone was so cool especially this one hunter who tanked Kiggler with me.  Anak, you give hunters a good name.  And a shout out to Incarnate.  Our guild is really starting to come together as a great raid team so fast. 

Everyone is so helpful and willing to be there for each other.  I think it took 90 minutes to pick up our pug members and down Gruul, so after Tuesday night’s attempt to run the same raid it felt good to go through there like we normally do.  We didn’t have a regular raid leader and we had a hard lesson in organizing a 25-man.  We got it together and made several attempts on HKM.  Really we didn’t do that bad, but it’s hard to keep things going when you wipe more than a few times.  So we called it, but everyone got a Kara run going afterwards and finished it last night.  I like that we were able to really see where we can all improve and take up the initiative for future raids. See you guys tonight for a little SSC/TK action!