Wot?! Double XP & the Gifts Keep Coming!

Aion just announced double xp weekends for the next three weeks for levels 1 – 35!  After that, we can expect double xp weekends once or twice a month.  Because the fix to the xp grind in the 20’s – 30’s will take some serious development time, Aion is spreading around the xp to help us Daevas out.  As of this week’s patch, Soul Healing is also going to cost less forall  levels and  increases to the experience bonus on Energy of Repose  for levels 20–44.


Patches?! We DO need those stinkin’ patches!

ladydanotte_patchtweetOMG! I was so excited to see that the patch is ever closer. (Read the Official Patch Notes)  and I was overjoyed to see that the search box in the Broker is getting some improvements.  I like playing in the Broker house and making some extra Kinah for my trouble, but searching for items is … well… painful to say the least.  I took my fellow blogger’s advice (aionexperience.com) and used the first letter of each part of the name but admittedly that didn’t always work out.  I was still thankful for the work-around.  Here’s the official skinny on how the new and improved Broker Search will work when Patch 1.5.1 hits North America Servers later this month:

The search system of the Broker window is now more convenient.

–         When searching for an item in the list tab, you can set options such as “Include Keyword” and “Match Keyword.”

–         When you select Include Keyword, the system searches for items that include the keyword. Match Keyword searches for the item that directly corresponds to the keyword.    

–         The item name automatically appears in the search window when you right-click while opening the list tab, or left-click while holding down the <Alt> key.   

–         The item is registered when you right-click on the desired item while opening the Quantity tab.