Harvest Revel Update

j0436216Another tasty tidbit as you drag out last year’s loot bag to find that you left some bits of candy there from last year. (Can you eat that year old tootsie roll?)  NCSoft rolled out news yesterday of all its Halloween events for all of their games like Guild Wars and CoH/CoV, but they also released this little addition: “Halloween Hat and candy that will transform players into in game creatures.” Wot?!  Yes, a fashionable hat that turns you into a creature from the game.  Gosh I hope it doesn’t turn me into a Mumu Farmer…. I’d hate not being able to see my toes past my belly roll.  No wonder you can’t always loot the belt, it’s prolly stuck in there.  Eeeew!  Ok enough horror for Halloween…. enjoy the Revel in 3 more days!