No Tricks, Just Treats… Veterans Rewards Announced!

Trick or TreatSo on Monday night, Aion Source reported the following statement from NCSoft regarding the Harvest Event:

“Harvest Revel is an ancient holiday that was celebrated since before the Cataclysm. It has since been rediscovered and subsequently redefined by the Asmodians and the Elyos based on the drives and needs of each of those societies. This year for Harvest Revel we decided to focus on telling the story, and while I can’t reveal much about our plans for upcoming holiday events, we want to craft holiday events for the future of Aion that resonate with both the game lore and the cultural norms of the West while embracing the potential for fun and diversity from the Eastern game.”

Ok, so there was a little disappointment but the candy that turns you into a cute Fungie or a Drakie…. cool!  I just wish they would’ve made that a little more clear in the original announcement.  With all the talk of  a hunt I think we all got excited about some live event and then it never happened.  But guess what?  NCSoft is giving away treats in the form of Veteran Rewards!  That’s right, we’re all getting rewarded for playing the game.  Currently, you can read about the monthly (that’s right, monthly) rewards up to six months.  Some really awesome loot for sticking around as they try to combat bots and gold spammers.  (I know I’ve reported these guys before.. they show up and farm in basically the same areas and change their names slightly.)  So let’s get back to those tasty treats we can all enjoy as we keep auto/reporting…. Check out the awesomeness that is Veteran Rewards starting November 4th: