Santa Shugo’s On His Way With Goodies …. nyerk!

Yes, kids… there is a Santa Shugo!  And he’s due to arrive soon… in the next few days.  According to Community Manager, Tamat: “I can’t give an exact date but unless Santa Shugo turns into a flesh eating zombie and destroys the world, you should see this in-game near the end of next week! :)”  Gosh!  A flesh-eating Shugo?! That would be cool for next Halloween!  Ok, ok… back to Solorius.  It was announced on Saturday (Ya, I know I’m late with this post.) and I got a giddy about an in-game event. (No, not like that Halloween candy bit we got in October.) This festival is a real event with trees and presents and shugos and something that looks like an evil Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Hee hee! (Check out the official announcement & same previews:

By the way, doesn’t Santa Shugo look sporty in his monocle?  So what will we be dreaming of in the meantime till Solorious kicks off?

  • A GIANT PIANO! Yes, the kind you can jump on and make noise…. or a cacophony.  Whatever floats your boat!
  • Bakers selling holiday goodies.  You know like Nana Shugo used to make when she letyou lick the spoon.
  • Friendly Festive Shugo Peddlers with holiday loot for sale.

So warm up your kinah because Shugos don’t take plastic and get in on the first in-game holiday for Aion!  Happy Solorious Everyone!