Don’t Play with those Shiny Hooks, Spongebob!

Happy Fisherman!In the last week, phishing and spamming have been on the rise in Aion.  GMs have been busy trying to weed them out and ban them as they look for new tactics.

The most annoying part of these relentless spammers is their need to write long 3-liners about their cheap fast gold and powerleveling!  This makes the legitimate chat fly by before you get a chance to hear the latest Chuck Norris-ism.  (Yes, they found their way from Barrens Chat to Aion.) 

I write this post to ask everyone to continue reporting these spammers, and block them in-game.  I am also asking, (read: begging, pleading) NCSoft to PLEASE, PLEASE do something like filter out those web sites we’ve already identified as gold sellers, give us players a right click method to report them as we see them and educate players about the dangers of buying gold and visiting spoofed sites that phish their account information.