J!NX Gets Aion-ized Loot!

Jinx_AionI’m sooo excited!  My favorite geek-wear company, J!NX is offering a line of official Aion shirts.  I saw the news flash across the Aion website and immediately went to see the designs. 

J!NX really hit the mark with this line.  The artwork is beautiful and cool all at once.  The shirts with the wings on the back are perfection.  The women’s shirt is sold out atm. (QQ!) But they will get some more in a few days.  I would love to see the dragon shirt in a women’s version, but I was totally happy to see that the undead version was already being offered for men and women.  After all, chicks like uber-undead too!  Although the Daeva shirt is an Elyos character, it is sooo beautiful you can’t deny it.  (Does the girl look like the one from American Pie to you?  I keep waiting for her to say, “One time in band camp, we were playing Aion and….) They’re all going on my Christmas wish list, but I’m not sure I can wait that long.  I may have to buy one to hold me over.  I still love my Murloc shirt, but these Aion shirts are so good, one comment on the Warrior Shirt said, “I don’t play Aion, but the art on these shirts is so beautiful, it makes me want to get them.”


Revel Without a Cause :: Aion’s First In-Game Holiday Event

HalloweenRevelZoomStarting October 25th, Aion will celebrate Harvest Revel, its first in-game holiday event!  Harvest Revel ends on Halloween (Oct 31).  And we all know that you don’t need a reason to party!  One thing I did enjoy inWoW were the holidays.  It gave me something else to do besides raid, and there were always surprises and goodies.  Ok, some issues with Dark Iron Dwarves one year (gosh, I hope that’s what they called) interrupting BrewFest.  But I digress… this is about the Aion Halloween Event. 

What’s unique and creative about this event is how different it will be for the two races in the game.  Because of the eclipse, the Asmodians will revel in the dark celebrating with an epic hunt led by the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader.  And since hunting can take alot out of a Daeva, there will be lots of traditional dishes to cook and eat!  While the Asomodians are hunting and eating, the Elyos will have their own set of consequences.  They will be invaded by the walking dead.  Villages in Elysea will be overcome by these creatures from the grave, and Dark Knight bands will form to chase them back underground!  (Sounds like Zombieland)  Aion promises new lore and “tasty treats” every day. Happy Hunting!  (Read more from the Offical Aion Announcement: http://powerwiki.na.aiononline.com/aion/Harvest+Revel)