Patches?! We DO need those stinkin’ patches!

ladydanotte_patchtweetOMG! I was so excited to see that the patch is ever closer. (Read the Official Patch Notes)  and I was overjoyed to see that the search box in the Broker is getting some improvements.  I like playing in the Broker house and making some extra Kinah for my trouble, but searching for items is … well… painful to say the least.  I took my fellow blogger’s advice ( and used the first letter of each part of the name but admittedly that didn’t always work out.  I was still thankful for the work-around.  Here’s the official skinny on how the new and improved Broker Search will work when Patch 1.5.1 hits North America Servers later this month:

The search system of the Broker window is now more convenient.

–         When searching for an item in the list tab, you can set options such as “Include Keyword” and “Match Keyword.”

–         When you select Include Keyword, the system searches for items that include the keyword. Match Keyword searches for the item that directly corresponds to the keyword.    

–         The item name automatically appears in the search window when you right-click while opening the list tab, or left-click while holding down the <Alt> key.   

–         The item is registered when you right-click on the desired item while opening the Quantity tab.


J!NX Gets Aion-ized Loot!

Jinx_AionI’m sooo excited!  My favorite geek-wear company, J!NX is offering a line of official Aion shirts.  I saw the news flash across the Aion website and immediately went to see the designs. 

J!NX really hit the mark with this line.  The artwork is beautiful and cool all at once.  The shirts with the wings on the back are perfection.  The women’s shirt is sold out atm. (QQ!) But they will get some more in a few days.  I would love to see the dragon shirt in a women’s version, but I was totally happy to see that the undead version was already being offered for men and women.  After all, chicks like uber-undead too!  Although the Daeva shirt is an Elyos character, it is sooo beautiful you can’t deny it.  (Does the girl look like the one from American Pie to you?  I keep waiting for her to say, “One time in band camp, we were playing Aion and….) They’re all going on my Christmas wish list, but I’m not sure I can wait that long.  I may have to buy one to hold me over.  I still love my Murloc shirt, but these Aion shirts are so good, one comment on the Warrior Shirt said, “I don’t play Aion, but the art on these shirts is so beautiful, it makes me want to get them.”

Don’t Play with those Shiny Hooks, Spongebob!

Happy Fisherman!In the last week, phishing and spamming have been on the rise in Aion.  GMs have been busy trying to weed them out and ban them as they look for new tactics.

The most annoying part of these relentless spammers is their need to write long 3-liners about their cheap fast gold and powerleveling!  This makes the legitimate chat fly by before you get a chance to hear the latest Chuck Norris-ism.  (Yes, they found their way from Barrens Chat to Aion.) 

I write this post to ask everyone to continue reporting these spammers, and block them in-game.  I am also asking, (read: begging, pleading) NCSoft to PLEASE, PLEASE do something like filter out those web sites we’ve already identified as gold sellers, give us players a right click method to report them as we see them and educate players about the dangers of buying gold and visiting spoofed sites that phish their account information.