Harvest Revel Update

j0436216Another tasty tidbit as you drag out last year’s loot bag to find that you left some bits of candy there from last year. (Can you eat that year old tootsie roll?)  NCSoft rolled out news yesterday of all its Halloween events for all of their games like Guild Wars and CoH/CoV, but they also released this little addition: “Halloween Hat and candy that will transform players into in game creatures.” Wot?!  Yes, a fashionable hat that turns you into a creature from the game.  Gosh I hope it doesn’t turn me into a Mumu Farmer…. I’d hate not being able to see my toes past my belly roll.  No wonder you can’t always loot the belt, it’s prolly stuck in there.  Eeeew!  Ok enough horror for Halloween…. enjoy the Revel in 3 more days!


Revel Without a Cause :: Aion’s First In-Game Holiday Event

HalloweenRevelZoomStarting October 25th, Aion will celebrate Harvest Revel, its first in-game holiday event!  Harvest Revel ends on Halloween (Oct 31).  And we all know that you don’t need a reason to party!  One thing I did enjoy inWoW were the holidays.  It gave me something else to do besides raid, and there were always surprises and goodies.  Ok, some issues with Dark Iron Dwarves one year (gosh, I hope that’s what they called) interrupting BrewFest.  But I digress… this is about the Aion Halloween Event. 

What’s unique and creative about this event is how different it will be for the two races in the game.  Because of the eclipse, the Asmodians will revel in the dark celebrating with an epic hunt led by the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader.  And since hunting can take alot out of a Daeva, there will be lots of traditional dishes to cook and eat!  While the Asomodians are hunting and eating, the Elyos will have their own set of consequences.  They will be invaded by the walking dead.  Villages in Elysea will be overcome by these creatures from the grave, and Dark Knight bands will form to chase them back underground!  (Sounds like Zombieland)  Aion promises new lore and “tasty treats” every day. Happy Hunting!  (Read more from the Offical Aion Announcement: http://powerwiki.na.aiononline.com/aion/Harvest+Revel)

To My Aussie Mates: Feeling the Pain of your Ping

Are you listening NCSoft?

Are you listening NCSoft?

My boyfriend who lives in Australia, told me  that Aion has accidentally (I hope) forgotten about all those gamers ‘down under.’  Even though there’s an Oceanic server, it doesn’t help their ping plight.  The time may be Oceanic but that’s all.  Asian servers are in Chinese or another Asian language, so that’s not a solution either.  You would think NCSoft would help these blokes out.  What do other MMOs do?  Aion broke record sales.  Why can’t we have a server that is truly serving the Oceanic area of the world?  Here’s another rant about the horrible pings:  http://aionexperience.com/?p=378 .  So why am I writing this?  Not because I personally know someone suffering with this, (sorry, baby)  but to remind us American players that 200 ms is not a bad ping and as long as you can play the game without rubber banding or stuttering, life in Atreia should be all good.  As bad as you think it is, someone else has it worse.  So let’s stop whining about it, huh?  No one cares if your ping is 300 ms and this morning it was 100 ms.  Even worse, no one really cares about your fps or your uber-epic WoW toon.

Oh, and I’m hoping NCSoft is out there listening…. The Aussies need a dedicated server located in their part of the world (not in the US) so they can decide whether or not they want to deal with the 600 – 700 ms average lag or enjoy the sweet pings we don’t always appreciate in the US.

Don’t Play with those Shiny Hooks, Spongebob!

Happy Fisherman!In the last week, phishing and spamming have been on the rise in Aion.  GMs have been busy trying to weed them out and ban them as they look for new tactics.

The most annoying part of these relentless spammers is their need to write long 3-liners about their cheap fast gold and powerleveling!  This makes the legitimate chat fly by before you get a chance to hear the latest Chuck Norris-ism.  (Yes, they found their way from Barrens Chat to Aion.) 

I write this post to ask everyone to continue reporting these spammers, and block them in-game.  I am also asking, (read: begging, pleading) NCSoft to PLEASE, PLEASE do something like filter out those web sites we’ve already identified as gold sellers, give us players a right click method to report them as we see them and educate players about the dangers of buying gold and visiting spoofed sites that phish their account information.

Aion :: Head Start & First Week

The Disney Factor: Umbrellas for the Rain.

The Disney Factor: Umbrellas for the Rain.

Aion headstart began a week ago and it’s been fun.  From closed beta till now, NCSoft has been pretty responsive, although long server queues on East Coast servers have kept me from playing my original toon.

I’m converting this blog over from WoW-centric to more MMO-centered since I’ve had more experiences playing other MMOs over the last year.  So for now, it’ll be more Aion, but I’ll try to share my discoveries in gaming from hardware to new betas.  Hope you can pick up some good info and enjoy this gaming  journey along with me!

So you’re not 80 yet?!!!


Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King

Nope and it’s kinda hard to believe.  But really it seems to be a natural evolution.  For a time there was the hard core raiding.  The rushing home to choke down a quick dinner and jump into WoW in time for a night of raiding with guildies.  That was a combination of fun and frustration.  Many times the latter.  The lost rolls for gear that seemed to only drop when there were 15 other hunters after the same thing.  The mistakes that would get called out on vent only to humiliate me and be the source of a sudden urge to quit the game altogether.  But alas… eventually I would remember why I started playing WoW:  To have fun and relax.  I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Many people burned out raiding towards the end of TBC.  Badge gear came out with Sunwell to keep us going but it didn’t last long enough.  Guilds burned to ashes and some of us took a hiatus.  I vowed to give WoW another chance to be a source of fun and stress relief.  I am slowly leveling to 80, questing alone or with friends.  


And you know what?  It’s fun again.  Sometimes I miss the thrill of raiding to see some new content in a dungeon, but then I think about how uncommitted I can be right now.  Just hopping around Northrend and leveling professions (gasp! even fishing) as I trip around and get lost.  (Those colors can be distracting.) So I may be a noob, but I’m a happy one.  As I get closer to 80 I start thinking about shot rotations and possibly doing a heroic.  Sure it would be nice, but I’m not at 80 yet so I have plenty of time to think twice and level an alt instead. 🙂

BTW, yes I did create a DK and boy is that class FUN, FUN, FUN!!

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