Mods & Macros

Even the kids of South Park know how to stay safe when installing mods.**Download mods from known sources like, wow-interface and ACE2.  Ask friends what they use. Or look for links on the official game site for endorsedmods.

Use the zip files to install your mods vs. the self-extracting programs to avoid problems.  It’s not hard to extract the files to your game directory and you won’t have to worry about hackers planting something in executables.**

Mods are helpful for giving you quick access to information in-game or to help tweak the UI to something that suits your game style.  I’ve played with macros to improve my slow clicking & keying and I find that it takes time to come up with one you like.

I’ll do my best to list my current macros here and create posts specific to new macros or mods I discover along the way.  Please feel free to leave comments on any mods or macros you want to recommend.


Not using any mods or macros at all in Aion.  The in-game information that’s built-in to the UI covers many of the things I want.  I imagine at some point, I’ll at least use a macro for healing and attack rotations and save room on my bars.

If you’re curious, the macros in Aion work with commands like you would expect.  Here’s an excerpt from a forum post.  I don’t know if this works in the American version, but here’s what someone offers as basic macro commands on Chinese Aion with English Patch:

/Skill name of skill here (note no brackets of any kind are needed, in addition skills that involve numbers can not be done with one or two, it must be I for one and II for two for example.)

/Delay time to delay skill here (this can be one, two, three, all the way up to 35 seconds if mememory servers correct with incruments of .5)

A few examples of marcos I made recently, not for sm though didn’t find the need to

/Skill Change Weapon
/Delay 1
/Skill Stun (forgot the name of shield stun for templar but very handy if you like to 2hander alot like me :P)

/Skill Weak attack (again forgot the name I haven’t played my templar in a long time haha)
/Delay 2.5
/Skill Bubble (absorb shield… name escapes me….sorry…. so I don’t have to click two buttons for this combo ftw)

note delay of 1 and 1.5 seem to work the best for changing weapons when using a skill. Some times I get an error and stick with 1.5. When chaining abilities I usaly use a 2 or 2.5 delay again depending if I get an error or not, hope this helps.

Excerpted from post:

For nostalgia and a chuckle, my old hunter macro:

Current Shot Macro 6-29-08:

This macro uses my trinket and issues Kill Command when available.  Very noticeable difference so far. **NOTE: Don’t use on Krosh in Gruul’s… Arcane shot very baaaad on Krosh**

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/castrandom [target=pettarget,exists] Kill Command
/use “Bloodlust Brooch”
/castsequence reset=2 !Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();


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