Game Gear


Oh yeah, it’s all about the gear… here’s some cool gamer hardware.



They have some AWESOME gear for gaming including keyboards, headphones and mice (?).  I have a mouse (Lachesis) and love it.  Thinking about the newest headphones and then they come out with new ones. But I’m probably going to go with Carcharias. They look super comfy and I like that I can adjust them. And I can buy them at my local Best Buy for nearly $8 cheaper. Note, you have to mention that you saw these on the website at a certain price.  They are more expensive in-store, but Best Buywill adjust the price according to their website pricing. WOOT!  (Update: using the headset for several weeks and lots of long convos online with my honey.  They really are sweet! and comfy!)

Laptop :: Chiller Mat

Well, not so much a mat, but a platform to keep the laptop cool while it’s on for hours of gaming. (You know who you are!)  My Rocketfish fan started coughing and wheezing a few days ago after only a few months.  I did a little more research this time instead of basing my decision on: “ooo look it’s silver.”  I checked Best Buy and CompUSA.  There really aren’t any real well known brands for this type of product.  The only name I recognized was Thermal Take, but their model didn’t impress.  Then I found this little puppy after sorting search results by high customer reviews.


What really impressed me besides the excellent customer reviews, is the fact that the entire top of it is mesh.  It allows air to circulate all over.  My last one was mostly solid with one fan in the middle.  I wasn’t sure about the mesh but this review convinced me to try it: “The aluminum grill wicks heat form any hotspot so no need to worry about laptop cooling vents alignment with the fan.”  All the hot air goes out the back, away from me.  And it really is super-quiet, I had to check to see if it was really on.  I liked the on/off switch too.  I don’t have to pull out the usb if I want it off.  I’m impressed so far.  (The price could be better.  I agree with the reviews, but if it lasts awhile, it’ll be well worth it.) Now THAT was a much more informed purchase than last time!


Official North American Aion Site:

Power Wiki, Live Status (Server Status and Character Armory), Media (Video Podcasts, Wallpapers & Screensavers), and News.  Tip: Hover over menu bar for submenus.  (A little pet peeve of mine, don’t like that, but I know it saves screen real estate.)

World of Atreia

World of Atreia

Official Lore:

Curse Network Site for Aion:


(Disclaimer: Haven’t played WoW in ages, if you know better links, add them in comments.)

Hunter Blogs:

Big Red Kitty: Wow Insider columnist gives his humorous and insightful look at playing a BM Raiding hunter.  His 10 Commandmentsfor Hunters is AWESOME.  Every hunter should check it out once in a while.

Petopia:  Well known pet encyclopedia for the hunter pets in WoW.


Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists:  This is a great gear planner for figuring out what’s available according to raid.  There’s even a gear planner to help you plan out gear from different sources like PvP or rep gear according to your class.  Now you’ll know what you’re rolling on…


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