Warrior, Scout, Mage and Priest… but there’s more!

Character Selection Screen

Character Selection Screen

You pick one of these primry classes to create your toon, but when you ascend at level 9, (you get your wings) you get the opportunity to go down down one of two paths of specialization.  Each class has its own ‘crossroads’ and the in-game screens are actually pretty helpful in describing the strengths and weaknesses of each.  So far, I’ve only ascended as a Mage and a Priest.  I chose to go with Sorcerer for my Mage specialty and Cleric as the Priest.  NCSoft has done an exceptional job with their website incorporating a lot of the information that gamers will be looking for including a PowerWiki built-in and a Live Status section that is truly LIVE.  The updates are VERY fast and you even have the option of customizing your own avatar.  But back to classes… there isn’t an obvious way to re-spec like you can in WoW.  (Sorry for using that as a comparison. It’s the only MMO I played long enough to care about these details.)  But an educated friend told me you can use Stigmas to re-spec later on.  I’ll add more to this as I learn about it.  But yu can read more about Aion Classes in depth:

Experts Have Privledges
Top Experts Have Privileges

There’s good news and some bad(ish) news about crafting in Aion.  The good news: you can learn ’em all.  The bad news:  you can only master two.  The better news:  you get a nifty title (Top Expert in -fill in the blank-) with some cool stats.  Some more bad news:  right now, it’s hard to find information on these stats from a reliable source.  The beta stats have definitely changed and I imagine NCSoft is tweaking them as no one is getting Expert for the moment.

These are the current crafting professions and what each one is for as listed on Aion’s PowerWiki: [Links may be broken due to Wiki Changes.]

Weaponsmithing: With this ability you can create many forms of melee weapons, including swords, DaggersPolearmsSwords,Greatswords, and Maces. Also includes the ability to work with some metals.

Armorsmithing: The ability to create all types of Chain Armor andPlate Armor, as well as helmets and crafting materials made from metal.

Handicrafting: This allows you to create Staves and Bows (generally things made of wood), plus a variety of accessories such as Necklaces,Earrings, and Rings.

Sewing: This allows you to make Cloth ArmorLeather Armor, and Belts.

Alchemy: Unfortunately this isn’t the art of turning lead into gold (not yet anyway), but instead the art of making magical items: OrbsSpellbooksPotions, and Scrolls.

Cooking: Adventurers live on their stomach, and with Cooking you can feed them nicely. Of course, Food and Drink isn’t just nutritional, but can quickly restore health and mana as well as give other abilities a temporary boost.

These are the current titles and stats as I could gather from the Powerwiki’s Titles page:  [If anyone knows a better resource, comment on this page.]

I’ll try to update this as soon as new info is available.  I listed it by race because it used to make a difference.  Just in case NCSoft decides to do that again, I’ll already have the columns to fill in.  Have fun!  LOL

Title Asmodian bonus Elyos bonus
Alchemy Expert +100 HP, +4 Natural Healing +100 HP, +4 Natural Healing
Cooking Expert +45 Maximum HP, +3 Physical Attack, +12 Magic Boost +45 Maximum HP, +3 Physical Attack, +12 Magic Boost
Expert Armorsmith +6 Evasion, +6 Magical Resistance, +10 Physical Defense +6 Evasion, +6 Magical Resistance, +10 Physical Defense
Expert Weaponsmith +10 Physical Crit, +8 Accuracy, +50 Maximum HP +10 Physical Crit, +8 Accuracy, +50 Maximum HP
Handicrafting Expert +80 Maximum HP, +3% Speed, +2% Atk Speed, +2% Casting Speed +80 Maximum HP, +3% Speed, +2% Atk Speed, +2% Casting Speed
Sewing Expert ?Same — Probably. +4% Speed, +3% Flight Speed


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