From early 2009 to now, I’ve tried a whole bunch of new games. Stuck with them a few months as they launched but somehow there’s was always something missing.  I even dabbled in older games like EQ2, just to see if I could find something to keep my interest.  After more details of Cataclysm came out, I decided to give WoW another try. This time there would be no raiding. Just leveling, questing and an occasional run through an instance. With the new Dungeon Finder, it’s easy to find pugs to play with.  (I have yet to do a heroic.)

I did gather lots of info when Aion came out so I’ll leave those pages linked here. (Disclaimer: The info is from the early days of Aion. But the links will hopefully be useful.)

I still have to re-learn changes in WoW, so as I learn anything useful, I’ll post it here.  As I get to know more games in depth, I’ll share whatever I find… like how to beat the Zerg at their own game.


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