About Danotte


Portrait of Danotte drawn by Scott Johson

Danotte is my level 85 Hunter in WoW on the Eonar Server. Don’t laugh too hard if you look her up in the Armory. Her gear is mediocre and definitely not epic.    I gave up hard core raiding and put my gaming in perspective. Just something recreational to release steam; not a second job. (Geez, farming for mats  and raiding on Tuesdays was killing me!)  But that was a while ago back in 2008.

Danotte is Marksmanship Beastmastery spec which I’m sure by now is considered bad for raiding or something like that.  I did play Wrath for a bit and somehow never managed to stay interested enough to get to Level 80.  So I quit for a while. The over-raiding may have just burned me out and watching the server’s community melt down at the end of BC was just too much.  But I came back for Cataclysm and it’s been fun.  Got Dano to 85 and her sister Azoola.  Dungeon Finder gives the casual group experience and I can jump in when the mood strikes.

I do have awesome memories of playing WoW with old friends and making new friends.  Good times, good times… After all, I did meet the hubby there so I’ll always have that sentimental connection. (Awww!)


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