Harvest Revel Day 3 Update :: Candy is Dandy, but…

Day1CandyCandy is always great, no matter how young or old you are!  Day One greeted Revelers with Candy which transformed you into a Sparkie!  Awww… well, it’s better than that Mumu Farmer! LOL  And I have to say SparkieCostumebobbing around with my keister all lit up was fun!  I was expecting decorations or something in the environment to tell me it was Harvest time, but I figured… meh it’s Day 1.  It’s a slow build up.  Then Day 2, and it was pluma candy.  Hmmm… I may wear a pot on my head sometimes, but I do detect a pattern here.  Still, I waited for the eclipse… or a hint that the Big Hunt was coming. 


teh cuteness dat kills

Now, Day 3 rolls around and … you got it…. more candy.  But it’s a Fungie costume.  Awww!  The little guy IS really cute!  And he’s got no legs so he bounces around and wiggles his toe mid-air.  Alright NC Soft… no more treats!  We want to hunt!  Everyone wants to know when the Big Hunt is coming so we can earn a cool title and run around like bots grinding Taygas or something!  And where’s the eclipse… ain’t it supposed to be all dark and scary …. ok, it felt good to get that out.  But I’m just sayin’….  pleez make this more of an Harvest Revel event.


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