To My Aussie Mates: Feeling the Pain of your Ping

Are you listening NCSoft?

Are you listening NCSoft?

My boyfriend who lives in Australia, told me  that Aion has accidentally (I hope) forgotten about all those gamers ‘down under.’  Even though there’s an Oceanic server, it doesn’t help their ping plight.  The time may be Oceanic but that’s all.  Asian servers are in Chinese or another Asian language, so that’s not a solution either.  You would think NCSoft would help these blokes out.  What do other MMOs do?  Aion broke record sales.  Why can’t we have a server that is truly serving the Oceanic area of the world?  Here’s another rant about the horrible pings: .  So why am I writing this?  Not because I personally know someone suffering with this, (sorry, baby)  but to remind us American players that 200 ms is not a bad ping and as long as you can play the game without rubber banding or stuttering, life in Atreia should be all good.  As bad as you think it is, someone else has it worse.  So let’s stop whining about it, huh?  No one cares if your ping is 300 ms and this morning it was 100 ms.  Even worse, no one really cares about your fps or your uber-epic WoW toon.

Oh, and I’m hoping NCSoft is out there listening…. The Aussies need a dedicated server located in their part of the world (not in the US) so they can decide whether or not they want to deal with the 600 – 700 ms average lag or enjoy the sweet pings we don’t always appreciate in the US.


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