So you’re not 80 yet?!!!


Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King

Nope and it’s kinda hard to believe.  But really it seems to be a natural evolution.  For a time there was the hard core raiding.  The rushing home to choke down a quick dinner and jump into WoW in time for a night of raiding with guildies.  That was a combination of fun and frustration.  Many times the latter.  The lost rolls for gear that seemed to only drop when there were 15 other hunters after the same thing.  The mistakes that would get called out on vent only to humiliate me and be the source of a sudden urge to quit the game altogether.  But alas… eventually I would remember why I started playing WoW:  To have fun and relax.  I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Many people burned out raiding towards the end of TBC.  Badge gear came out with Sunwell to keep us going but it didn’t last long enough.  Guilds burned to ashes and some of us took a hiatus.  I vowed to give WoW another chance to be a source of fun and stress relief.  I am slowly leveling to 80, questing alone or with friends.  


And you know what?  It’s fun again.  Sometimes I miss the thrill of raiding to see some new content in a dungeon, but then I think about how uncommitted I can be right now.  Just hopping around Northrend and leveling professions (gasp! even fishing) as I trip around and get lost.  (Those colors can be distracting.) So I may be a noob, but I’m a happy one.  As I get closer to 80 I start thinking about shot rotations and possibly doing a heroic.  Sure it would be nice, but I’m not at 80 yet so I have plenty of time to think twice and level an alt instead. 🙂

BTW, yes I did create a DK and boy is that class FUN, FUN, FUN!!


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