Ready for Failoc Phase II?

So I am a glutton for punishment.  After battling with the failoc for two days between 6am EST on Aug 11 and 4pm Aug  12, and NOT getting Blizzcon tix, I’m ready to go back into the fray.  Albeit this time Blizz has set up the more civilized ‘lottery’ system for the additional 3,000 tickets.  The only drawback for me is the constant checking of the Blizzcon web site just to see when the lottery is taking place.  The only information we have to go by is: “We’ll have more information to share here and on our other websites early next week. ”  Ok so it’s Tuesday and no news yet.   It smacks of deja vu; pressing F5 repeatedly. 

Why can’t they just say “Ok, on Friday 9am PST the Lottery will begin. Details to follow.”  Instead we get the ambiguous post on the site of ‘early next week’ and no specific time.  Blizzard does so many things so right and yet some areas really need improvement.  Guys… you need to work on the PR and customer service side and not worry so much about launching WoW in Russia.

Well, Blizz, I have a callous on my pointer finger already so I am prepared.  Bring it on failoc!  *As the Night Elf Hunter motions to the dirty failoc holding his cursed “Oops!” sign. 

I’m gonna give it one more try.  Whoops!  I’ve been spending too much time here.  Better get back to… they may have announced the lottery already!


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