10-45-6 … what a talented set!

For now it’s become my preferred spec for raiding as our guild, Incarnate, ventures into SSC.  Staying in the MM spec for silencing shot and True Shot Aura, I’ve pulled some points out of survival and back into the BM tree.  After spending hours researching different specs on the likes of Elitist Jerks, Big Red Kitty and other Hunter Blogs I decided that MM was going to be more valuable as I moved into the next levels of gear so I wasn’t willing to go BM.  I also came to the realization that those points in BM will help my dps with Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Focused Fire. 

Combined with adding Arcane shot to my shot rotation macro, I have seen my dps go up staying more in tune with the BM specced hunters.  I’m really happy with the notable difference in my damage and I notice my pet has better endurance.  With Focused Fire, it’s more important for Twinkletoes to stay alive.  I changed my spec to help my dps but also because people focus on the damage meters and seem to question why my dps is lower than the other hunters.  They don’t always look at the total damage done to see that I’m really on par.  And they don’t realize that I am MM spec.  Anyways I am happy that I was able to tweak my spec to squeeze higher dps out of my gear and stay competitive.  So huzzah for MM spec being able to stay viable.


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